Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Yossi Ronan

My experience of a face-to-face contact & communication with several visitors by shearing consciousness.

Session Topic

ONE: Face-to-Face Contact, Experiencing ET Consciousness, & the Human Consciousness Evolution

In the first part of the presentation Yossi gives experiential testimony to the encounter as it took place in front of him through two states of consciousness adjacent to each other, when in both, they created communication through the sharing of consciousness between them. He will talk about the personal and shared space of consciousness of the visitors and the difference between their perception of consciousness versus ours, and the visitor’s awareness of what we call one God as the source of reality itself.

The second part of the presentation is about the understanding and meaning of the encounter after many years of study following that encounter, as the visitors during these years helped him along the way in his understanding. Yossi will talk about the impact of the encounter in our physical, mental and psychological space. The reason why in many cases there is an initial and deep instinctive fear in us in front of the encounter with these visitors. About the main trend of the visitors in front of him\us that was to help him\us deal with the impact of the encounter itself, to better understand our human consciousness and its potential. The encounter led to 40 years of personal research whose conclusions were summed up in the book: “One”

Speaker Bio

Yossi Ronen had a face-to-face encounter and communication with several visitors who appeared in his room when he lived about a year in 1981 in Los Angeles. The experience led his life on a new path. His interests have changed to independent search and learning in areas related to the encounter experience phenomena. The book ONE is a summary of about 40 years of study and research in the world of spirit, cognition, culture, and the human spirit in the face of the contact and to the information, he received in the face-to-face contact with the visitors.