Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Will & Jodi Nutter

Session Topic

Disclosure: How does it impact us?

Will & Jodi will be discussing Disclosure (Q&A Style), the impact of disclosure on participants, and how to heal from it. In this Q&A style Disclosure discussion focused on Jodi and Will’s testimonies (all questions welcomed). Following this discussion, they will be discussing the impact of disclosure on participants and how the system (of disclosure, those investigating disclosure, and the government) hurts people coming out and discussing disclosure. Finally, Will & Jodi will be discussing various modalities used to heal, including QHHT.

Speaker Bio

Jodi Reynosa-Nutter and Will Nutter (Jodi And Will – JAW) are both experiencers, QHHT Certified Healing
Facilitators, life coaches, and spiritual coaches using many modalities to help their clients. Their blend of
research, investigation, facilitated healing, coaching, and their God-centered spirituality allows them to work with
their clients and other experiencers at the deepest levels.

You can reach them at the following links –