Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Victor Hidalgo

Victor Hidalgo

Political Scientist | Researcher | Radio Host | content consultant and interviewee in History Channel series Ancient Aliens, “Destination Chile”

Session Topic

Chile, 5 centuries of UAP reports

The UAP phenomenon has an extensive presence in Chile. Since 1968, the Chilean Government has been conducting official investigations related to unidentified aerial phenomenon and in 1997, it established the “Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena” (CEFAA), an official body depending on the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics, (DGAC), with the mission to support the safety of air traffic operations in the national territory. In its 30 years of history, the CEFAA has received, analyzed, and made available to the public over 1500 anomalous aerial phenomena reports that occurred in our national airspace, encouraging civilian, military and aviation professionals to share their experiences.

This presentation would outline an historiographic perspective of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon in Chile. It includes some of the most emblematic cases reported in past decades, most of them related to military operations, with qualified witness accounts as well as press and official reports. These cases include Stadium size USO phenomenon detected by the Chilean Navy of the coast of Antofagasta, Massive Triangular shape UFO persecution by two Chilean Air Force interceptors, Close encounter of the third king by 8 members of a military patrol in the northern part of Chile, with unique physical evidence of its authenticity. Massive live televised UFO sighting in Santiago with thousands of witnesses, air traffic control and astronomical observatory reports. Metamaterials recovered from a UFO sighting in Ovalle with at least 3 technical analyses done by Chilean universities, independent contractors, NASA JPL report and Japanese metallurgic institutes. All of them conclude its unknown origin. 6 commercial airplanes simultaneously encountering mysterious lights evolving at 32.000 feet, with one of them making a 30 miles detour to avoid collision course. All radio communications available for presentation and lastly, the controversial Navy Airbus Cougar helicopter video, showing an unidentified aerial phenomenon captured in a state-of-the-art FLIR (IR) surveillance camera.

Speaker Bio

Victor Hidalgo is a Political Scientist from the University of Chile and a researcher on topics related to Ufology and Archeology. Based in Utah, United States, he is currently a radio host at “Programa Radial Enigmas” the oldest FM Talk show dedicated to exploring the UFO phenomenon in Chile, interviewing numerous researchers, authors, scientists, and military personnel. In 2020, He participated as a content consultant and interviewee in History Channel series Ancient Aliens, “Destination Chile”, episode entirely dedicated to exploring the Chilean UFO casuistry and its international projection. His participation in diverse Podcasts, Television, talk shows and Ufology congress in Latin-America have allowed him to be recognized as an emerging voice within the Spanish-speaking UFO community.