Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Uri Lee

In this fully active Astral Past Life workshop, Uri will guide and help activate your DNA code so you can travel through time and space.

Session Topic

Workshop: Astral Past Life Regression

How to Clear, Heal and Activate your DNA Code by visiting and encountering astral time and space of past lives.

Do you have any idea how many lives you have lived before? What kind of information has been embedded in your DNA code? Past-life regression is an incredible journey, deep into the oldest parts of your both physical and spiritual DNA. We carry our past with us everywhere, pass down through our DNA code which is why some people and places feel instantly familiar, and why certain barriers to happiness are more difficult to overcome. You may have carried unresolved emotional blockage that has been embedded in your DNA for lifetimes. You will experience the deep healing and empowerment that comes from transforming your DNA codes. Uri will lead you through the ultimate journey of self-determination while she inspires you to leave behind the patterns and routines deeply em-bedded in your DNA that no longer serves you.

Learn how to navigate your past through different modalities so that your healing can ac-celerate and reach your goals instead of looping back and being co-dependent on others.

Uri will safely guide you to visit the person or being you were in another timeline. Let go of the past and create a fulfilling high frequency life. You hold the key to unlock full poten-tial as you start unlocking the mystery that hasn’t been solved. Your soul’s ancient history is yours to explore; the life you live today is yours to determine. Time travel is most likely to happen! This is a fascinating, transformative, live workshop that will help you transform your life.

As we enter into a healing space together and beyond, we can clear the ancestral traumas and heal; we can collectively enter into a higher dimensions as our DNA code will be cleansed, ready, activated and matched for living in our higher self in multi-dimensional earth.

Please wear warm clothes, If you have, bring an eye mask, pillow and blanket to feel more comfortable and for the maximum benefit during this workshop.

Speaker Bio

Uri is a high priestess of the Temple of Light, certified licensed hypnotherapist, certified RTT therapist, counselor, past life regression practitioner, breathwork facilitator, Vortex Breatwork™creator, certified CHEK holistic life practitioner, holistic health expert, Univer-sal Tao instructor, priestess trainer, Divine Code channel, Moon and Star Ceremonialist.
Uri has been featured in variety of network such as Fox 5, CBS News 8, KUSI Good Morn-ing San Diego, BNC, RT, several international networks and pod casts discussing and shar-ing holistic health, nutrition, herbs and superfoods, mental health, emotional wellbeing and spirituality.

Uri was born in Seoul, Korea. Her bloodline stems back to the 14-15thcentury ruler of Jose-on, King Taejong who was the first king of the Joseon dynasty in Korea.

After graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC, working as a fashion Consultant in Los Angeles unfulfilled, she asked God to show her true path. At the age of thirty-five, Uri experienced a phenomenal spiritual encounter with Divine/God, her whole physical body and soul shattered into another dimension of angels and demons fighting over and literally re-birthing her soul. She was guided to stop what she was doing and go out to help heal people. She first stepped into studying a wide array of holistic health modalities and be-came a CHEK holistic health practitioner. She also started incorporating working with nature elements, herbs, superfoods, home remedies, meditation, chi-gong, breath work, plant medi-cine and indigenous healing modalities. She traveled to sacred sites, Amazon rainforest to the High Andes to search for ‘fountain of youth’, Finding the key to longevity and deep healing is utilizing plants and ancient healing ceremonies that reconnects to roots and heart chakra.

She mastered the Creative Chi practice from Korea, accompanied by a singing meditation with a light language given by her master. Uri is also trained by the world-renowned Man-tak Chia, a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor, practicing Tai Chi, sexual Kung Fu and “inner smile” healing modalities.

In addition, with the blessings of an Apache elder, she developed Vortex Breathwork™. This practice incorporates Holotropic breathwork with her own personally developed system of highly effective light-code meditations which she channels through her own traveling journey to multi-dimensional time and space.

Currently, Uri, as a ceremonial priestess, holds regular full moon ceremonies, Equinox and Solstice ceremonies, Lions Gate activation, Vortex Breathwork™ ceremonies, Priestess Train-ing retreat, personal and group retreats in Sedona. She facilitates outstanding and unfor-gettable native drumming ceremonies that leads you back to the past, astral realm and mul-ti-dimensional space to activate your divine wisdom for your own healing path.

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