Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Tom Matte

Session Topic

Workshop: I See Things You Don’t

Tom’s vision has evolved to see dark matter objects outside the electromagnetic spectrum. He calls this new skill “Upsight”, and it allows him to access an invisible organic metaverse. He’ll share his story on how this skill evolved, including his encounter experience, and discuss the possibilities that “Upsight” is something other than an accidental genetic mutation.

In 2012 Tom had a severe mental health crisis that left him homeless. He’ll share his story, including details of an alien encounter that he has always downplayed or minimized. When you’re coming out of a mental health crisis and you want friends and family to know your mind is better, that’s what you do. But in November of 2021, after hearing Avril Haines the Director of National Intelligence admit that the government is researching UAPs and extraterrestrial encounters, he decided to look at this experience through a new, more critical lens. What if his brain really did acquire these new visuospatial abilities from aliens changing his DNA and not just through a random genetic mutation? He will share some of the dark matter images he sees and how they interact with regular matter. He’ll discuss the likelihood that he is still communicating with these intelligent beings. He will discuss the possibility that these visitors are teaching some of us to communicate with them so we can help in an ongoing inter-dimensional conflict and so they can help us evolve into a more civilized species. Tom will explain why he believes others may also have this ability.

Speaker Bio

Before he lost his mind, Tom was a successful marketing executive, business owner, husband and father in Atlanta, Georgia. He had it all, and I lost it all; he monumentally screwed up his whole life due to a cocaine addiction. His addiction led to mental illness that eventually landed him in a psychiatric hospital and ultimately left him homeless. For two years he was “lost,” literally and figuratively. He believed insane things. Really believed them. For a while, he even thought he was Jesus. He’s not, which is probably best for everyone. Tom broke his brain with drugs. Most people who have lost their mind never find their way back to tell the story; Tom was lucky. Not only did he find his way back (with a lot of help); he found something more; more “mind” than he knows what to do with. He no longer believes insane things, but the way his brain works has fundamentally changed, and for the better. His first book, “Jesus Goes to Hollywood: A Memoir of Madness” provides cathartic details of his journey through addiction, insanity, and redemption. His illness, or perhaps the alien encounter that he has always downplayed, changed Tom’s vision, and opened new pathways in his mind. Not only does “Upsight” allow him to see images outside of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it also helps him make connections, reimagine information, and have insights into mathematics, physics, and genetics. Disciplines he previously had little interest in.