Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Sue Whittaker

Session Topic

Workshop: Multi-Dimensional Medicine/MedBeds

In the early 1900’s Nicola Tesla said energy fields and frequencies will someday replace physical medicine.  There is no record of him elaborating on that, but many amazing applications have since been developed and employed by others with great success.  In 2016, Sue Whittaker started receiving downloads and guidance from Nicola, and other experts in science, energy and medicine, on how to make and use multi-dimensional medicine to replace supplements.  These work in a novel way and have surprising advantages.  Her guidance has been extensive, detailed and almost daily.  She hears them in their own voice as if they’re in the room.  They answer her questions and are very happy with what she’s doing.  In this presentation, she will tell you about her experiences and how they are helping prepare humanity for ascension.

Come learn about Multi-Dimensional Medicine, a gift from beyond, what it can do, and why you will want to use it.

Speaker Bio

Sue Whittaker grew up in a remote Alaskan village with a closeness to nature and aboriginal values that few can imagine.  Fate had her become a teacher and meet Steve Jobs as he began making computers.  He visited her classroom many times and as he awarded her the “I changed the world” T-shirt years later for her innovation and leadership, he said Sue is gifted with vision and guidance from above.  In 1983, a cure from deadly formaldehyde poisoning inspired her to be a lifelong activist for alternative medicine.  She then retired and studied identity theft — becoming a keynote presenter and co-authoring Oregon’s law against it.  She decided to travel and spent 7 years visiting Costco stores nationwide as Suzie Solar selling solar powered generators and setting new sales records.  Six years ago, she received a download asking her to become a medical medium with a mission for ascension.  She was told how to provide a service with daily bio-energy clearings and EMF protection and to create and use multi-dimensional medicine, using morphogenetic resonance, the universal pattern principle, quantum physics, intention and love.  She has also written 14 Dowser’s Guides for Wellness.  Sue says she is just a simple person from remote Alaska and has nothing special to give, except love.  But, her multi-dimensional experiences, psychic channeling, telepathy, time-travel, remote viewing and intuitive healing capabilities indicate she’s a bit more than that.  Wellsong Energetics