Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Sarah Adams

Intuitive Healer | Contactee | Psychic

Session Topic

Multidimensional Aliens

Sarah will be talking about multidimensional aliens that live in other dimensions or realities. These aliens have access to other dimensions including our own through advanced technology which Sarah will talk about. She will also talk about how these aliens have been made out to be evil or bad when most of them are not. We are all multidimensional beings but have been suppressed and Sarah teaches her clients how to become more multidimensional so that you can communicate with these multidimensional beings yourself.


Speaker Bio

Sarah has experienced many things from seeing abductions to seeing angels who aided her. Her awakened consciousness increased as she got older. She experienced the supernatural and past lives in Egypt & Atlantis. Sarah works with many clients around the world in what she calls “Intuitive Healing”. This includes using homeopathy, herbs, supplements, diet super foods, detoxing, energy work, visualization, mediation, energy work, and cellular work, all to heighten the frequency of the temple and precious bodies we have been given “I’ve healed so much and believe every day is a healing journey to greater heights”. She has made TV appearances on Gaia TV including Ancient Civilizations, Beyond Belief and Buzzsaw, as well as Vice TV, the BBC, and co-hosting the Divine Truth Show on Revolution Radio and many others.