Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Ryan Burns

Author of “Shapeshifter Territory” and “The Utah UFO Ranch,” Featured on Podcast host on High Strangeness:, Featured on First episode on Alien Highway : Skinwalker Episode Featured on Haunted highway, Featured on Portals to hell

Session Topic

Shapeshifters and Precognitive Intelligences

Presenting years of research photos and videos of Precognitive Intelligences, UFOs and Shapeshifters gathered in Utah’s Uintah Basin since 2005 while discussing findings at various properties owned by Ryan Burns in Utah’s Uintah Basin including the haunted Strawberry River Bed & Breakfast (featured on various tv shows such as portals to hell and haunted highway) and – A private property used for UFO/Shapeshifter research aligned along the south boundary of Skinwalker ranch. Various events have occurred on property including the famous occurrences by Rich Oliver (now deceased because of what he believed was brain cancer he believed was an alien implant) Matt Groen, and April Slaughter. We will also delve deeply into history of the area, secret caves, shapeshifter myth, and personal experiences.

Speaker Bio

Ryan Burns began researching the Uintah Basin and the mysterious Skinwalkers in the area after a personal experience with one in the late 1990’s. When his passion for answers could no longer be quenched, he left his corporate job and moved to the desolate and remote basin to investigate the high-strangeness full-time.  Ryan now owns property named Space Wolf Research overlooking the infamous old Bigelow ranch. He hosts the popular podcast Hero Paranormal and has written multiple books about his experiences investigating Skinwalkers.  Additional Links: Written books on the topic, including:

“Shapeshifter Territory” and “The Utah UFO Ranch”

Podcast host on High Strangeness:

Featured on First episode on Alien Highway : Skinwalker Episode

Featured on Haunted highway

Featured on Portals to hell

Three other TV shows which have not aired have also been filmed