Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Ronny Dawson

Contactee / Experiencer

Session Topic

Inside the Alien Agenda

During this presentation, I recap my journey from horror to alien contact.

I am contactee Ronny Dawson, and I will take you on an amazing journey from the excitement of witnessing a UFO and cattle abduction, to the shock of an alien first contact experience and the bewilderment of the aliens’ odd sexual requests. I will also share on the view through the Stargate and the consciousness transference into a clone body on an alien planet. It is one wild ride and I will give you a contactee’s insight on what the alien agenda truly is and provide images captured along this journey.

Speaker Bio

Ronny Dawson is a Texas Oilfield Worker who’s UFO/Alien Encounter received international attention. He was featured on an Episode of Caught on Camera on Japanese TV, and made an Appearance on NBC First Look Roswell Experiencer Panel. He is the Author of the Ronny Dawson UFO Story on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and He has been the guest on a multitude of Radio Shows and his story has been featured on Web Sites across the globe. The Ronny Dawson YouTube Channel has 1,281,000 views to date.