Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Ronald Kinsella

Author | Digital Artist | Radio Show ‘TWIN SOULS’ with numerous books (namely science fiction) , an artist, embracing Digital art and hosting a radio show which is affiliated with the Paranormal UK Radio Network.

Session Topic


Discussing his book ‘THE DIGITAL DEMON’ and addressing a number of possibilities regarding where exactly these ‘Aliens’ may come from, along with questioning what exactly they are.  It will also highlight his own personal experience back in 1982, and of the peculiar psychic development he gained, along with an artistic measure.  Are these inherent attributes obtained from the visit he  had with the strange men?  Are the ‘Visitors’ here for the good?  Or is their intend based purely on strategy?  He will highlight the contradictions of a ‘Peaceful’ intervention, questioning the morals of their meddling and intrusion.  Certainly, and from research, the picture painted here is that of ambiguity on their behalf … an unsettling mirage of flaws which may well be instigated to conceal a darker agenda.


Speaker Bio

Ronald Kinsella is the author of numerous books (namely science fiction) and an artist, embracing Digital art which is clean and efficient, in terms of corrections.  He hosts a radio show ‘TWIN SOULS’ along with his twin brother Philip, and of which is under the Paranormal UK Radio Network.  He has collaborated with numerous magazines to produce artwork of the ‘Alien’ kind, along with having an association with the respected Ufologist, Philip Mantle.