Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Robert Maxxim

Experiencer | Author

Session Topic

Disclosure Project & Atlantis in Lemuria

Disclosure Project:

Fast paced power packed disclosure with evidence of what everyone wants to know. Witness the government’s secret disc programs and details of what these are. See substantiating UFO films taken by Nevada locals who will be present. Shocking NASA, ESA, and Russian evidence of active life on other worlds will be shown as well as videos of the author’s astral travels through both physical and spiritual dimensions, giving detailed information and evidence of lessons learned including how energy, creation, consciousness, contact, and the soul works.


Atlantis in Lemuria:

Evidence of the existence of both Atlantis and Lemuria from several historical, as well as personal experience references. What was Atlantis like? Where was it? What destroyed it? And when? Video of what these places were like will be shown, as well as picture reproductions of various locations throughout Atlantis.



Speaker Bio

Born in 1957, the author experienced numerous astral visits to other worlds and dimensions since an early age, witnessed alien craft, and physically met with beings from other worlds, experiences attested by witnesses. His experiences continue to this day, both in sleep and wake states, having gathered through conscious contact modalities an immense library of knowledge on history, creation, evolution, the purpose and methodology for life, the workings of the inter-dimensional soul, science and medicine from incredibly wise extra-terrestrial beings backed by evidence. He has provided healings to many individuals by visualizing the past lives incurring the ailment, and received cures for a number of physical conditions which he has published for free access by all.

His career studies include physics, information sciences, theology, and the arts, having served internships at NASA/JPL where he participated in the Voyager II mission at the Imaging Laboratory in Pasadena, California. In 2014, he published a novel series titled Legacy where he detailed his encounters with non-earthly intelligence, their ways of life, knowledge, and his own past life experiences. This novel series is presently being considered for silver screen movie production, an effort he considers “The true disclosure project for this world.” For the first time ever, the real purpose and reality of non-earthly intelligence and the workings of consciousness will be plastered onto a movie screen for the entire world to witness. It will not be plain Hollywood flicking, but realistic extraterrestrial existence, since the author will co-produce the film. Movie trailer excerpts, as permitted by film production, will be made available during the Mega Con presentation.

Legacy, a story over 40 years in the making, is a tale of relentless struggles between the forces of good and evil, revealing a tale that shadows the author’s innermost emotions in the lives of each character. It provides critical thinking in scientific, historical, and devotional fields evidenced by his countless triumphs and blunders. Most importantly, it is an ode to his endless search through the cosmos for his beloved of ages. Hence, it is an autobiography and a love story, a romance of epic proportions as eternal as time itself and as powerful as the author’s heart. It is a journey into fierce challenges and opposition that detract his every step along the way. That long sought love he finds in a woman not of this world, an event that reveals a vast wisdom gap between them, one he must close in order for life-changing love to triumph. He is Legacy, she is love. Together, they conquer Legacy and forever live … in love.

In conjunction with CCRI, the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, the author will be publishing a write up on a greater reality, the reality of consciousness, its relativity to creation, and non-earthly intelligence. Publication is slated for year 2021.