Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Ray Szymanski

Author | Research Scientist | Air Force Base Expert > Author of the Alien Shades of Greys trilogy, expert on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and research scientist.

Session Topic

“Swamp Gas My Ass: The True Story of the 1966 Michigan ‘Swamp Gas’ UFO”

In March 1966, hundreds of reputable witnesses, including dozens of police officers, reported seeing flying saucers at close range in Southeastern Michigan. Following a three day, on-site investigation, Project Blue Book’s paid investigator/debunker, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, declared that the sightings were a combined result of prankster flares, Venus and the moon, and his famous piece de resistance, ‘swamp gas.’ This disclosure presentation will detail the startling events and exacting witness testimony, expose the nefarious government cover-up tactics, and present the unassailable video testimony of a highly decorated Air Force pilot to finally reveal the truth about the 1966 Michigan Swamp Gas UFO.

Speaker Bio

The award winning author of the Alien Shades of Greys trilogy, Raymond Szymanski, is the acknowledged expert on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and its flying saucer connections. Forty years of employment as a research scientist at the fabled Air Force Base has given Raymond unique access to locations and individuals providing a treasure trove of tantalizing information on Men in Black, alien burial sites, the elusive Hangar 18, and first-hand fighter-interceptor pilot testimony of flying saucer intercepts.