Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Raquel Spring

Session Topic

Workshop: The Age of Aquarius & USA’s Pluto Return, THE GREAT GLOBAL SHIFT

The Age of Pisces is in a process of culmination and of mutation. In its place we see the Age of Aquarius rise, and along with it a restructuring of collective consciousness. This, in turn, will result in an inevitable restructuring of our matrix and of our societies. Along with the emergence of Aquarius, and the new cycle for humanity that is being ushered in, we will also witness themes like technology, science, space, aliens, and galactic awareness rise all together.

But before we shift gears and turn the wheel, the old must transcend and give way to new life. This is where the USA’s Pluto Return comes into the picture.

The USA’s Pluto Return means that transiting Pluto is lining up with the country’s natal Pluto at 27° Capricorn. Their conjunction will perfect 3 times and become one of the key signatures of 2022. In this epic alignment we see here, for the first time, the closing of a 246-year cycle for the USA where the collective soul (Pluto) comes to full closure of its original intention. This implies much for the country and will reverberate throughout the rest of the world. There is, however, the promise of a rebirth and of a new cycle that is also seen through the system of Astrology and scheduled to be seeded in 2024 when Pluto fully enters the sign of Aquarius. But is it finally time for UFOs, space technology, and our galactic family to receive full disclosure? Let’s take a closer look at what the dawning of this new cycle means for the world, and for the future of humanity.


Speaker Bio

Raquel Spring is a 4th generation Astrologer, known for her unique methods and multi-dimensional approach to Astrology which allows her to dive deep into the heart and soul of any chart.

Based out of Sedona, AZ her work today includes mentoring, teaching, writing, videos, retreats, speaking events, and private sessions, where she combines technique with spirit, bringing Astrology to many from the eyes of the soul. Raquel Spring, 4th generation astrologer