Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Philip Kinsella

Author | Radio Show Host ‘Twin Souls’. UFO/spiritual books and articles on UFOs and the Afterlife hosting a radio show which is affiliated with the Paranormal UK Radio Network.

Session Topic

UFOs, Greys & Consciousness – Looking Outside the Box.

Philip’s talk will be based around a few personal experiences he has had with both UFOs at close range and a subsequent abduction which occurred in the winter of 1989.  Using a new theoretical model, he will then present an argument speculating that we may not be dealing with ‘space men’ as once thought, and that such Greys may offer us a new avenue of research which encompasses uncomfortable areas surrounding the dangers of cloning, the soul and human consciousness.  Are we, as a species, dangerously becoming like the Greys; that the corrupt system of control we serve has alternate ideas about removing emotions and individuality, thereby creating a ‘One-Hive-Mind’ consciousness?  The battle for truth has begun, and many souls are waking up to the fact that we have been had through a deliberate hampering of facts which proves that most of history is indeed wrong.  We are not alone, and never have been.  We are more than just human, and other forces are there to remind us of that fact – yet conscious enslavement and a deliberate attempt by higher authorities to silence this truth has been at the fore of the wider agenda.  It’s time we as free-thinking humans fight back.

Speaker Bio

Philip Kinsella has appeared on national television and radio and is the author of numerous UFO/spiritual books.  He, along with his identical twin brother, Ronald, run their own show ‘Twin Souls’ which is affiliated with the Paranormal UK Radio Network.  Philip was also credited with a revolutionary new speculation in 1996 regarding the Greys and their ultimate agenda.  He has also published countless articles on UFOs and the Afterlife.