Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk

Session Topic

How Not To Be “Human”

Learn how to connect to ancient wisdom and healing practices, with kundalini energy, that will enhance your abilities to make you all loving and powerful, increasing your chances of establishing contact with extraterrestrials.

If we stay open to limitless expansion, we will expand unlimitedly and we will be unlimitedly rewarded. Through CS5 contact, before Nick even knew it was a thing, kundalini awakenings, jungle ceremonies and digging into his soul, he has found truth and purity that has welcomed him to places few are able attend and sit. He wants more. He wants you to develop your superpowers. He wants you to stop using the excuse of “being human” to continue to make poor choices and suffer. He wants you to join him on this exploration to the unknown. He wants you to hear his stories. He wants to inspire you. He wants you to have an open heart and be pure so you are welcomed with open arms. When we value truth above all, leave behind fears, crippling emotions and distraction, we open ourselves up to a new world. And in this new world is where we will join advanced species and rise from the ashes. Let’s go!

Speaker Bio

Most people know him from his infamous run starring on the TV show ‘Gigolos,’ but Nick Hawk has become so much more than an entertainer. This guru has done it all. He’s a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, World Champion, successful recording artist with a gold record, LA Talk Radio host, and author to “100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential.”

But life wasn’t always pleasant excitement for Nick and for most of it he struggled. Early on, he lived in a constant state of panic and had to wear special shirts that didn’t show his sweat. He was homeless, struggled with addiction, depression, anger and almost every other “disorder” out there. And this is why he’s able to see though them for what they really are – overcomeable, as he’s proved with himself and endless clients. Now labeled by ‘Hustler Magazine’ as “Confidence Man,” Nick has incorporated some next-level successful healing practices that include tantra and plant medicines. Few carry the energy that he carries. From his CS5 encounters, kundalini awakening and jungle ceremonies, Nick Hawk is able to connect to ancient wisdom and he is helping us all ascend.

Nick took Dr. Greer’s master class and is incorporating CS5 meditations into a healing sanctuary in Sedona that he is building on some very powerful and sacred land. In the future you will have an opportunity to stay with him and get one-on-one sessions, along with spirit quest hikes, guided adventures, UFO Tours and more. His new property is in the middle of the busiest ET sighting area in the world. With his Metaphysics PhD in Philosophy and his new book on Kundalini and tantric practices, this next year Nick will be transforming people on even another level.