Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Mary Delano Otis

Mary Delano Otis is a LifeStyle Management Coach, Multi-Dimensional Quantum Healer and Contactee.

Session Topic

Workshop: Quantum Spoon Bending Transcending Time & Space

In this interactive session, you will experience and learn techniques that will allow you to use your mind to shape your reality. Call it what you will Telekinesis or Psychokinesis, it accesses higher dimensional frequencies. Enter a space where you can have a physical effect on solid matter. Learn how to access other dimensional planes. Learn how you can utilize the techniques in every aspect of your life for self-transformation, ascension and healing. Come step into the Quantum Realm with me and transcend time and space. Everything is energy vibrating on different levels. The power of your mind is the greatest secret; “They” don’t want you to know! Learn how to empower yourself and your gateway for personal growth and transformation. Then Bend Your Spoon! No matter what your experience with energy work is, a seasoned veteran, new to energy or just curious, it will be transcendent! Seeing Is Believing! It Is Experiential, It Is Powerful and Most Importantly…It Is Fun! Remember…To Bring 2-3 Stainless Steel Spoon!

Speaker Bio

Mary offers DNA Activations which realigns and opens gateways to the higher realms expanding your awareness and accelerating your spiritual growth, Quantum Healing which brings Mind, Body and Spirit together as one with sessions customized specifically for your vibrational frequency and Aura Chakra Imaging giving comprehensive insights into the mystery of you. Gain Deeper Wisdom and Knowledge of your true essence with detailed information into your emotional and mental states, health and spiritual well being as you step into your Life Mastery.

Mary is the author of Guide To Conscious Living…Back To Basics. The creator of the Quintessence Oracle Cards, a divinity deck that helps you connect to Spirit. She is the facilitator of Re-Create Your Life Seminar and Letting Of Negative Emotions MasterMind. Mary has a Healing Jewelry product line and her Magnifi-Scents Aroma Therapy Collection has an array of products for balancing and clearing.

Mary has experienced abductions, aliens and UFO encounters over the years, with her earliest memory of contact being age 4. Her ongoing experiences of UFO’s, aliens and paranormal activities are well documented in photographs. Mary is impacting the lives of 1000’s of people by traveling the country sharing her knowledge gained by over 30 years experience and training in the fields of Personal Growth, Transformation and Vibrational Healing.

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