Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Margie Kay

Session Topic

Workshop: Remote Viewing UFO Encounters

Find out how anyone can learn how to remote view UFO Encounters for themselves or others. Nationally acclaimed remote viewer Margie Kay will take participants through the process of how she developed a natural remote viewing technique which she now teaches to others. RV can help UFO investigators and experiencers get answers to questions about contact events. Margie will demonstrate RV on site so participants can see how well it works.

Speaker Bio

Margie Kay has helped to solve over 60 missing person, homicide, and theft cases for law enforcement and private investigators using remote viewing. She is a licensed private investigator in Missouri, and is the President of the OZ Interdimensional Communication Institute. Kay serves as the Assistant State Director of Missouri MUFON. She is the owner and CEO of the KUNX Digital Broadcasting Network which has all paranormal programming and hosts the show Un-X on the network.