Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Louis Turi

Louis Turi

Session Topic

Workshop: Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul

The deadly pandemic changed and destroyed many lives all around the world living millions of people confused, scared, depressed, and degenerated. The stars in 2022 are imposing a full rebirth of the human race. Knowledge is power, ignorance is power, at a personal level, it starts with Dr. Turi’s rare Cosmic Teachings. Since life is a constant process of changes and “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought” Dr. Turi’s safe hypnotherapy expertise will help you adjust your astral body, reach your subconscious creative forces and, stimulate its power.

Dr. Turi explains the working of the Super-conscious in time and space and how you were born to create your future. Solid examples will be offered to the attendance that will change your entire conception of reality! Using safe and relaxing hypnotherapy techniques, this workshop will heal your body-mind, and soul. Reaching your wishes for love, health, and financial security will become a real possibility. The positive suggestions will be sealed within the depth of your subconscious and will open the golden door to the “creative magic” you were born with and, a much more positive attitude towards life in general.

A wonderful experience you will never forget for as long as you live! Using your own super-conscious power, the golden key to a much more exciting, healthier, and productive life will be offered to you. After this light hypnotic session, you will become much more aware of what consciousness is and what creating your own future with your thoughts is all about! Miracles do happen, I will guide you to make yours become a reality! Dr. Turi is a 12-year Cancer survivor who refused chemotherapy and instead used his own “Natural Blood Transfusion” creation to boost his immune system, regain his strength and save his life. His story and his secret will be shared with the attendance. In the following workshop on Nostradamus’ 16th-century natural healing, I will share the great Seer’s secrets to longevity. A pearl of rare wisdom that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Dr. Turi’s best-seller “Beyond The Secret” is a major contribution to your success and will seal your newly acquired wisdom offered in the workshop. Book signing at the booth.

Speaker Bio

Like the great prophet Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence France. World-famous UFO’s contactee and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Turi is a captivating speaker, author of many books and his profound Cosmic Wisdom continues to astonish skeptics and believers alike. He was a regular guest on George Noory, Coast To Coast am popular program. He has been featured on national television programs such as NBC’s “Ancient Mysteries” series, TLC, the Discovery Channel, “Journal of the Unknown, Weird of what? with William Shatner and More Than Human” the BBC in London and in countless radio and televised programs worldwide. Dr. Turi graduated from the Royal School of Music in London and was recognized in the 2003 Marquis “Who’s Who in America.” Dr. Turi counseled people from all walks of life including many celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray, and David Icke to name a few. He channels an ET entity named Draco and speaks of his incredible fifth kind UFO’s experiences all over the world. Those mind-boggling encounters lead Dr. Turi to rekindle the great Seer Nostradamus’ prophetic visions and natural healing work. Dr. Turi teaches the mighty secrets of the Supra-conscious in time and space and its interaction with the “Cosmic Code.” Dr. Turi regularly warns the world with his undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. The FBI visited Dr. Turi Twice, following accurate Terrorists Attack Predictions.