Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Lee LeCaptain

Session Topic

Workshop: Aliens and UFO’s Are Real. Proof Through Science, Symbols, Ancient Artifacts, and Scriptures.

Speaker Bio

Lee LeCaptain: Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Went to college at the University of Wisconsin Superior.

In 2011 he started his journey researching ancient artifacts after receiving an axe created out a giant meteor by the Knights Templar for the Vatican’s beheading Axe created in the late 12th century. During his quest he worked with many top scientist and universities such as U of Central Florida, U of South Florida, Texas Baptist Institute, and U of New Mexico Gallup. This is where Lee learned and became an expert on how to read the ancient symbols of the past. A real-life Robert Langdon. Lee worked and studied with the best. Dr. John Melicon, Dr. James Strange, Dr. Geza Kesteleki, and even the Vatican’s own real Knights Templar!

Lee was under contract for multiple years on two different occasions by E-one Entertainment, the same production company of Ancient Aliens.

He has had an encounter of the 3rd kind verified by Florida UFO Network in 2016 involving 5 different crafts with photographic evidence.

Lee has worked and presented his information to Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (AAPS) both as a speaker and presenter. A guest speaker for Forbidden Knowledge News.

Lee owns the largest brass rubbing collection to exist in North America, along with earth shattering man created alien artifacts made before the time of Jesus Christ.

In the later 80’s early 90’s he worked in the nuclear industry in both robotics and manually fixing, fueling, and repairing reactors and high-pressure radioactive generators. Lee had during this time the highest security clearance to exist in North America.

Lee is a 9-time World Champion Lumberjack Competitor. He owns and operate the World-Famous Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show reaching over 200,000,000 million people annually world-wide