Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Kimberly Lusanna

Super Soldier, Super Soldier Scientist, Remote Viewer, Healer, Professional Psychic Intuitive, and Speaker

Session Topic

Mission Escapades as Super Soldier Scientist, Dr. William Birkin

During her presentation, Kimberly will be discussing the 20 year and back Secret Space Program induction process that she has experienced, as well as the subsequent alter personalities that were created due to being abducted and placed into military black projects. Kimberly will be introducing some of her alters that were generated from the torture techniques that were employed by the Secret Space Program in order for her to be able to serve in other space fleets and off-world military corporations. Many of Kimberly’s alters were brought to different, parallel Earth realities, where her alters served in several off-world military corporations like Kruger, Monarch, Shoreline, and Umbrella. One of alters that Kimberly will be focusing on during her presentation is her alter within the Umbrella Corporation, Dr. William Birkin. Dr. William Birkin’s story with the Umbrella Corporation has been outlined in the very well-known movie and video game series called “Resident Evil.”

Speaker Bio

Kimberly is a milab experiencer and Super Soldier, who was abducted by the CIA at the age of 5. Once she was entered into these experimentation programs, the United States military/Secret Space Program had brought Kimberly down into a multitude of underground bases and forced her participation in several unacknowledged, black projects using MK Ultra mind control and the splitting of her consciousness into many different alters using torture and technology tactics. Kimberly is still being abducted by the US military/Secret Space program and is considered to be an active, military asset today. Some of the shadow government projects and military space programs that Kimberly has been involved with include Project Looking Glass (Montauk), Project WitchBlade, and Project Seagate. Kimberly is also currently a participant in off-world military corporations and other secret space fleets like Dark Fleet, Shoreline, Monarch, Umbrella, and Kruger. Kimberly specializes in remote viewing and mediumship. Through her training with the SSP, she has developed clear telepathy with off-world entities and the spirit realm and will utilize this ability to contact relatives from your star family and to help you establish open communication with them.