Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Katie Griboski

MUFON State Director of CO | STAR Investigator | Administrator of MUFON’S MARRS Team | Founder of the Colorado Paranormal Research Group | Author

Session Topic

High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch

Multiple Phenomena Case History & Research

There’s a town in Colorado that’s seen its fair share of very unusual events. In UFO folklore, it was known as the “Clearview” Ranch. 

At the time the newspaper headlines dubbed the ranch the “Close Encounter Capital of the US”.  A place of mystery and intrigue, it has been written about in several books, including Hunt for The Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher Ph.D. & George Knapp, Alien Contact: Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed by Timothy Good, Zones of Strangeness by Peter A. McCue, and many others. The ranch was investigated by Dr. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D. along with Dr. John Derr & Dr. Peter Van Arsdale. Some of the activity experienced on the ranch and in the area include dozens of cattle mutilations, menacing copters, mysterious lights, unusual humming sounds, paranormal activity, burn marks on the ground, baffling blinking boxes, strange entities, disembodied “electrical” voices, and Sasquatch encounters.   

Hear firsthand accounts about the strange activity from investigator/researcher, Katie Griboski, who has a personal connection to the ranch.

Learn about Katie’s astonishing discoveries, and the very latest breakthroughs found over nearly a decade of research and interviews.

Speaker Bio

Katie is Colorado MUFON’s State Director, a STAR (Strike Team Area Research) Investigator for MUFON and is the administrator for MUFON’s MARRS Team (Archive, Research, Reporting System). She’s Founder of the Colorado UFO Paranormal Research Group and holds a Bachelor of Science in visual communications.

Katie also conducts her own independent research and investigations. She spends a lot of her time visiting archives, as well as traveling to conduct interviews. Katie is the author of; Letters of Love & Light – Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences & Sightings Shared with R. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D. and is currently working on her next book titled; High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch; The Colorado “Skinwalker” Ranch: Craft, Cattle, Copter, Cyptids and Cover-Ups.