Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Katie Griboski

The Status of Research into Consciousness and Entanglement Today

Session Topic

Beyond the Colorado High Strangeness Ranch

Katie Griboski will be updating all of you on her latest discoveries, as she continues her search for the truth. She will disclose her current findings as to what was happening on that Colorado high strangeness ranch and how she believes it connects to consciousness and entanglement.

She will share her insights and focus this presentation on phenomenon often associated with this level of contact. Such as, dark figures, blue orbs, paranormal phenomena, psychic abilities, lucid dreams and/or precognitive dreams, and synchronicities beyond chance: Is there a connection?

Katie will be discussing and analyzing some of her “hitchhiker” experiences with all of you, and sharing audio clips from her hypnosis session with the late Dr. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D.

Let’s explore beyond the Colorado High Strangeness Ranch!

Speaker Bio

Katie Griboski is Colorado MUFON’s State Director. She is a STAR (Strike Team Area Research) Investigator for MUFON and is team lead/administrator for MUFON’s MARRS Team (MUFON’s Archive Research, Reporting System). She is host of the MUFON What’s Up Radio Broadcast on along with her cohosts Chris Deperno and Katie Cook.
She conducts her own independent investigations and research outside of MUFON and founded the Colorado UFO Paranormal Research group to further explore these topics and share her discoveries with others. Katie has been a presenter at several UFO/Paranormal conferences and events and has appeared on many radio shows and podcasts, including Coast to Coast with George Knapp, Spaced Out Radio, Coast to Coast’s Dark Becomes Light with Heidi Hollis and many more.
Katie spends a lot of her time traveling to archives for research and conducting interviews. She is the author of: Letters of Love & Light – Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences & Sightings Shared with Ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D.
She is currently writing her second book: High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch; The Colorado “Skinwalker” Ranch – Craft, Cattle, Copters, Cryptids and Cover-Ups. Katie’s personal ties to the ranch is what motivated her interest in ufology. She continues to search for answers to all her experiences. She has an open mind and is always interested in a new challenge.
Katie holds her Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications and owned her own Graphic Design Studio “Design Junkie”. She is a proud mother of five young adults.

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