Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Jim Myers

Explore the many unusual, even paranormal behaviors exhibited by Sasquatch, as seen through the eyes of this long-time Colorado researcher

Session Topic

Workshop: Surprised by Sasquatch: Down the Paranormal Rabbit Hole

Jim Myers brings his many years of experience studying Sasquatch in the Colorado Rockies to bear as he reveals the surprising, little known facts about the elusive forest people.  Jim and his wife Daphne have spent the past nine + years building a gift shop and an educational museum in Central Colorado known (respectively) as The Sasquatch Outpost, and The Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum.  Built in 1878, the building once known as the Bailey Country Store has become a true destination for Sasquatch researchers and curiosity seekers alike – over 55,000 visitors to date.  Jim places great value on “boots on the ground” research, and his knowledge and experience about the Sasquatch people have been gleaned from dozens of personal encounters, as well as a wealth of knowledge gained through the experiences of other researchers working both in Colorado and across the USA.  If you’ve ever wondered whether Sasquatch possesses paranormal abilities, or if there is a link between Sasquatch and UFO’s/ extra-terrestrials, then you will definitely want to attend this workshop.  Prepare to be surprised as you learn more about the Forest People, better known as Bigfoot.

Speaker Bio

Jim Myers has an extremely varied background.  He grew up in Kenya, and spent another 20 years as an adult living in West Africa and France. Jim has been fortunate to have traveled to some 45 countries during his career, and he enjoys bringing this wealth of experience into everything he does. The Myers moved back to the U.S. in 2009, at which time Jim’s childhood obsession with Sasquatch became a vocation.  For the past nine years, Jim has been an avid Sasquatch researcher and public speaker on all things related to the Sasquatch Forest People.  He and his wife Daphne built the Sasquatch Outpost with the goal of becoming “Sasquatch Central” for the Western U.S.   The Outpost houses both an extensive gift shop, as well as being the home of the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum – built with the goal in mind of educating the public about the existence and behavior of these elusive beings.  Far from being an “armchair expert” on this topic, Jim tries to spend as much time as possible in the forests and mountains of Colorado, where he has gained a great deal of experience and accumulated data over the years.  Through his personal research, Jim has become convinced that far from being a form of great ape, Sasquatch is actually a human hybrid – possessing an extremely high level of intelligence, a complex language, and unique, paranormal abilities. Jim and his wife Daphne make their home in the town of Bailey, Colorado in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, about 45 minutes from Denver.