Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Jackie Kenner

Jackie shares her personal experience with off-planet experimental programs, her continual contact with non-human entities, and the potential that many of us are in constant contact. 

Session Topic

Experimental Programs and Contact for the Common Person

Twenty-year programs, typically with military involvement, have become the most commonly covered experiences. But Jackie believes this doesn’t have to be the case, and that it can potentially even exclude others’ search for meaning behind their own memories. Based on the premise that we “see what we believe,” Jackie encourages others to expand their beliefs around what’s possible, who can be included, and what this can all mean on a personal level. If we believe more, we see more. Expand your limits through Jackie’s personal testimony and loving guidance towards individual truth.

Speaker Bio

Jackie Kenner is a professional psychic medium and spiritual connections teacher with memories of off-planet experiences and lifelong contact with extraterrestrials. A psychic since childhood, Jackie had an extreme expansion of her connection abilities at the age of twenty-nine —which she attributes largely to her relationship to an ET race. She shares her abilities professionally through one-on-one sessions and teaching programs for those looking to connect to the unseen world and enhance their own abilities