Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Harry Challenger

UFO & Alien Contact Researcher | Co-Founder of The UFO Academy

Session Topic

A lost secret of the Nazi flying Saucer?

My talk this year is on the Nazi flying saucer theory using an analysis of newly presented photographs that may fit both the appearance location and timescale of the rumored Nazi saucer project. The Second World War gives us the unique chance to see the saucer secret at the heart of the deep state, as the entire Nazi security apparatus collapsed in the last months of the war did secret photos leak out of the chaos into private hands? These eight clear unknown mystery photographs can be compared by historical context with both late second world war German military design and for comparison to classic flying saucer archived photos. Cross matches raised are unexpected and informative, they can surmise a 1940’s quest to copy flying saucer technology was possible using the science of the day: a possibility that questions our assumptions on the technical level required to back engineer a flying saucer. Alongside this analysis of the photos themselves and a simpler more mechanical saucer design is the question of what happened to this war winning super weapon, to hypothesize why was it wasn’t deployed in the final Nazi Armageddon, its time to think the unthinkable about the possible ramifications of what these eight photos mean to the most secret story of the saucer age.

Speaker Bio

Harry Challenger is a UFO and alien contact researcher from near London in the U.K. Starting from 1996 he was part of a UFO group called ELUFON that published a London based UFO magazine called down to Earth,  Harry has a long term interest in UFO journalism, editing the worlds oldest UFO magazine Flying Saucer Review (FSR) from 2004 to present. Harry also founded The UFO Academy with Catrine O’Neil in 2010, a prestige venue based near London for the  free and open  discussion of UFOs, alien intelligence and the paranormal. Challenger  was most fortunate to study under one of the founders of the UFO subject former diplomat and linguist  the late Gordon Creighton who saw his first flying saucer in 1941 near the Tibetan border. Challenger follows the FSR  brand of ufology which is truly internationalist, taking the work of enthusiast’s direct research on the phenomenon from all over the world and presenting it to English speaking audiences.