Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Freddy Alexis

Session Topic

Workshop: The Great Other: Visions, Strange Creatures and UFO Phenomena

“El Gran Otro” (The “Great Other”) refers to the alleged intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon, which
takes elements of popular culture to present itself in front of witnesses in a familiar and recognizable
fashion. In this Spanish Speaking Presentation, Author Freddy Alexis will present to the world his research
of over two decades of dedicated study into the UFO phenomenon.

In his own words, Freddy Alexis proposes that humanity is facing something much more complex than a
group of unknown “extraterrestrial visitors.” There are probably elements at play that come from different
areas of reality, which converge in a single great figure that has the inherent ability to manipulate reality
with great skill, as a remote inducer, able to produce these experiences in order to obtain some sort of
unknown benefit derived from it.

“The Great Other: Visions, Strange Creatures and UFO Phenomena”, is a conceptual work, which seeks to
understand in a broader sense, how this elusive phenomenon has been integrated into our culture and
becoming the most important enigma of the twentieth century until today.

Speaker Bio

Freddy Alexis has been immersed in the study of mysteries and the paranormal from early childhood. His quest for understanding the deepest mysteries of the human experience led him to study journalism at Universidad UNIACC, acquiring the literacy from which he forged a groundbreaking career on radio and television. Executive producer for TV series such as “Crónica Extraterrestre” and the pioneering paranormal investigative TV show “Tierra de Fantasmas” broadcasted by UCV Television, Chile. Have earned him the recognition and respect of UFO researchers and paranormal investigators both in LatinAmerica and Europe. As an author, Freddy Alexis explores the subtleties of the human experience beyond the realm of the senses, presenting a coalescent approach to ufology, fortean mysteries and the paranormal, while proposing an integrating perspective where consciousness and spirituality harmoniously combine with close encounter experiences, Marian apparition reports, local folklore and UFO sightings. Anyone compelled to find answers; the curious, the inquisitive minds, the skeptics as well as believers are bound to find valuable insights regarding this perplexing and often conflicting perceptions of reality, inviting us to explore the possibility that perhaps this diacritical phenomena may be more interconnected than previously thought.