Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Dr. Melinda Greer

Experiencer | Board Certified Pediatrician

Session Topic

Challenged by the Unknown
A personal recounting of over a half a century of extraordinary experiences, and discussion of the transformative potential of anomalous events.

Speaker Bio

Melinda Greer, MD. is a board certified Pediatrician who  has been practicing in the American Heartland for over 20  years. She was a Medical Technologist (ASCP) prior to  beginning medical school at the age of 33. She is also a  closet “Experiencer” who, over her life, became  increasingly mystified by an array of strange occurrences.  From an early age, she realized that these types of  paranormal events did not seem disrupt the life of most of  her fellow humans, a revelation that often made her  question her sanity, as well as questioning the very nature  of reality.  

Her experiences include multiple UFO sightings of various  types of craft, “missing time”, interactions with various  invisible NHI (non-human intelligences), “Bigfoot”  encounters, Ghosts encounters, and OOB (Out of Body)  experiences, among others. After a NDE (Near Death  Experience) in 2013, Melinda has felt increasingly  compelled to share her “encounters with the unknown”  with friends, family and occasionally colleagues, but will be  speaking about them publicly for the first time at this  conference. She will also discuss how extraordinary  human experiences can shape personal realities, as well  as how they may have historically shaped cultural and  spiritual paradigms. 

It is her belief that “Experiencers” will have a role in  unveiling the true nature of Consciousness, and in the  scientific exploration of how Consciousness shapes our 

reality, both in the physical world and other dimensions.  She hopes that other “Closet Experiencers” from all  walks of life, as well as those with scientific backgrounds,  will continue to join the efforts to bring the extraordinary  human experience out of the realms of psychopathology,  and into the light of ongoing scientific revelations  regarding the very foundation of our consensual reality. 

Melinda has written a chapter for the book A Greater  Reality: The New Paradigm of Non-Local  Consciousness, the Paranormal, and the Contact  Modalities, an upcoming publication of the Contact and  Consciousness Research Foundation.