Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz

Dr. Kelly has five advanced degrees in human ecology, communications, education, management, and paralegal litigation certification in law.

Session Topic

Haunted Life: Stalked by Unexplained Paranormal-Extraterrestrial Pests

Therapist: “Why do you think unexplained situations keep occurring around you?” Response: “I don’t know.” Therapist: “Have you ever experienced trauma?” Response: “Depends on the definition of trauma. Maybe a few times.” Therapist: “Do you ever recall being abducted by an alien?” Response: “Little green men? The grays? Not that I’m aware of.” “There have been a few unexplained moments. Like an unexplained visit to me just prior to my cancer diagnosis. Or the time a blood red handprint showed up on my body. I would have discounted the handprint but it took three hours to disappear.”

Do any of the above statements resonate with you? Dr. Schutz has a few stories to share. Are you ready to hear them?

Kelly will lead an engaging, multi-topic discussion, sharing her first-hand experiences with unexplained paranormal-extraterrestrial phenomena. She will bring to the forefront a myriad of personal encounters allowing attendees moments to critically reflect about reasons behind unexplained situations. Will we ever get the answers we are seeking?

Stories to be shared of unusual events to engage the audience – (1) how Dr. Kelly witnessed energy departing a dying body shape-shifting into a living person; (2) how she manifested more than just a wish in a haunted hotel; (3) how epigenetics have affected people’s physical-emotional health due to generational past life traumatic events; (4) how paranormal and extraterrestrials communicate with her; (5) how paranormal have hidden behind acts of poltergeist-psychokinesis-telekinesis activities causing confusion; (6) how being too sensitive can attract unsuspecting paranormal attacks; (7) how past life regression therapy can trigger remote viewing abilities; (8) how conversations with the dead can lead to unwanted attachments; (9) how interacting with a black-eyed child sent shivers up Dr. Kelly’s spine; (10) how photographing spirits brought about important messages; and, (11) how intelligent pulsating orbs (energy entities) get away with being labeled dust, moisture, bugs, and backscatter.

Throughout this workshop, Dr. Kelly will: (1) develop an initial foundation of understanding for each topic discussed, (2) show actual video footage(s), sketches, and photos, and (3) engage the audience in brief discussions about unexplained paranormal-extraterrestrial phenomena.

Join Dr. Schutz after the workshop for a meet and greet at her lobby table. Attendees will receive a gift bag containing two popular books, a sampler audio-pictorial compilation, exclusive guest invitation, gift certificate, and other interesting items. Unable to make it to this workshop? While supplies last, purchase this gift bag at her lobby table after the workshop (10:05 am-11:00 am).

Speaker Bio

Since the age of nine, Dr. Schutz has experienced more than 100+ unexplained paranormal and four perceived extraterrestrial encounters defying reasonable explanation. Situations that usually bring about more questions than answers.

An open-minded sensitive-intuitive-empath, Dr. Kelly’s abilities to communicate with and attract the “unknown” seem to be more than just a coincidence. Dr. Schutz was thrust into paranormal discovery around her mid-thirties becoming “a student” of controversial and unexplained observations. As her interest in understanding the paranormal grew, so did “their” interest in her. Add to her encounters, sixteen plus attachments, a husband under possession, three haunted houses, being physically targeted-possessed forcing a momentary shutdown at Zak Bagan’s haunted museum, winning thirteen jackpots, making accurate sports predictions, and one possible UFO abduction along with three other perceived alien visitations (Las Vegas hotel room, her home, and the other, the blood red handprint on her body). Let’s not forget to mention the long fingerprints left on her dusty dresser.
Kelly has unlimited, personal stories. She feels the reason the unexplained is attracted to her is because of her high energy frequency and ability to communicate. Or is it because she is a Starseed child? “Stick a fork in me” – ten books and counting, my life appears to be a haunted sideshow at a carnival.

Dr. Kelly, a Minnesota native, began sharing her stories to a worldwide audience a few years back when hosts Dave Schraeder and Tim Dennis of “Darkness Radio” took interest in her first book. Thinking she would be criticized for her unexplained experiences … she twisted the show in another direction, never allowing the host to ask many questions, and rambled on about different types of hauntings to their millions of listeners. This moment caught the attention of another radio host, Erick Bee, owner of Para-X Radio Network, who reached out to her asking if she would consider joining his network of talented researchers-experiencers showcasing her unconventional podcast style. Shortly thereafter, she developed and produced just shy of 100 podcast shows on Podomatic starting at a bottom rank and rising-holding to a top rank (#1-5) for the past five years. “Educational, entertaining, and intriguing” remains the theme of Dr. Kelly’s podcast called “Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series.” She continues to be a featured podcast on a Thursday time slot on the “Para-X Radio Network.” She has interviewed a variety of guests about their theories-experiences with paranormal-extraterrestrial activity. Guests have included paranormal and UFO experiencers, medical doctor, Starseed children, psychotherapists, remote viewers, alien hybrid, channelers, sasquatch hunters, witches, psychics, and noted UFO enthusiast-writer, Preston Dennett.

A voice artist, Dr. Kelly has published a 22-segment CD (comedic, paranormal themed) called “Maynard and Mildred.” She has written 10 paranormal books found on Amazon with her most popular being “Manifestation” and “Message Received.” She freelances on offering three different paranormal gigs.

Dr. Kelly has five advanced degrees (human ecology, communications, education, management, and paralegal litigation certification in law). While in the law field, she developed her discovery and observation skills thru undercover work and interviewing clients. Now retired, she keeps herself interested in learning about issues related to parapsychology, ufology, spirituality, and energy-related personal growth (psychic/manifestation techniques).

Dr. Schutz has also attended conferences to aid her in psychic and energy work. She has delved into the world of consciousness, ESP, remote viewing, and psychokinesis-telekinesis. Her interest in ufology/alien abduction heightened when an expert speaker learned about her abilities and asked her if she may have been unknowingly abducted by a UFO/alien force. This “hit to the belly” question led Kelly to doing a past life regression session to seek answers. Her session was inconclusive about being abducted but her remote viewing skills activated under low energy hypnotic suggestion leading her to accurately predict sports plays and pick winning slot machines in casinos (winning thirteen casino jackpots in the past four years).
Dr. Schutz is a lifelong learner. She recently completed two workshops on psychic development and manifestation. She is also under serious consideration by top executives on the ABC Network in Hollywood to fulfill a major or supporting role on a new game show for an upcoming Season.