Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Dr. Geoff Redd

Researcher | Dr Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences | SkinnyBob Mystery Researcher

Session Topic

Skinny Bob and the Ivan0135 video series mystery: One of the greatest alien hoaxes of all time, or a real-life event.

In 2011 a YouTube account called Ivan0135 released a series of videos over one month. This video series is unparalleled to date showing a myriad of alien content including scenes of a UFO, Crashed UFO and near dead EBE, Autopsy scene, close up of a supposed live EBE name Skinny Bob, and a supposed group of EBEs on route to meet government officials. To date, the authenticity of the film series has not been conclusively determined and only scant proven details exist. The content is complex and nuanced and deserves intense scrutiny. Who is Ivan? Who made or release the film series? Will there ever be more content shown from the claimed 12 mins? We need the truth, whatever the truth is.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Geoff Redd values science and the truth and it is why he eventually ended up with a doctorate in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. In part, having a keen eye for detail and a knack for planning and organization. He started researching the Ivan0135 and Skinny Bob mystery more than 2 years ago as a personal venture, and then expanded his inquiry to the r/SkinnyBob subreddit on Reddit in early 2020. As moderator and active participant, he and his community members have discovered and organized the best repository of findings anywhere on the internet. Recently releasing a $30,000 reward for more content or proof of hoax, which hopefully will either solve or expand the Ivan0135 and Skinny Bob mystery.