Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Darcy Weir

Filmmaker | Series of documentaries that on Cryptids and UFOs

Session Topic

Secret Space UFOs – The Crown Jewels of Secrecy
Since the beginning of the Secret Space Program, secrecy about what is really going on outside our planet has been paramount to NASA’s success. What comes with this secrecy is an obvious effort to cover up UFO activity and what our Astronauts have seen. This lecture by Darcy Weir expands upon his latest documentary set to release in June of this year, titled Secret Space UFOs. Every fact that can be proven about secret space activity in NASA’s early days will be presented upon and discussed.
Darcy will also be debuting 3 World Premiere Films:
“Volcanic UFO Mysteries” & “Crop Circles Realities” will be shown Sunday, June 6th starting at 8:15pm
“Secret Space UFOs- Part 1” will be shown Tuesday, June 8th, starting at 9:00pm

Speaker Bio

Darcy Weir is a young filmmaker who has been making a series of documentaries that focus on Cryptids and UFOs. He shines light on interesting perspectives regarding international sightings of Wildmen like Sasquatch, Secret Space, Underground Bases like Area 51 and Phil Schneider’s Dulce New Mexico testimonials. His documentaries present an analysis from a theoretical perspective, showing historical references and facts that surround each mystery. Darcy is pretty excited to be working on a few different upcoming projects. Currently working on a film close to being finished called Crop Circle Realities and a series that I’m working on called Who Saw the Man in Black? One tries to tell the accurate history of some of the most controversial crop circle theories out there in the wild. The second tells the real story of Men in Black, “The Bad Guys dress in Black, remember that, just in case you ever face to face and make contact” – clap clap. That would be our lyrical interpretation of what the second film series is about. I also finished a film recently called Volcanic UFO Mysteries starring a famous Mexican film journalist named Jaime Maussan. In which we cover some pretty interesting history surrounding UFOs spotted and recorded all around Latin America throughout modern history.