Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Danny Sheehan

Session Topic


Every year, literally thousands of UFO scholars; researchers; experiencers; investigative journalists; radio talk show hosts – and simple curiosity-seekers – gather literally dozens of times, in disparate “venues”: from Laughlin, Nevada; to Phoenix, Arizona; to Giant Rock in California; to Las Vegas; to Los Angeles and at numerous points in between to gather as a “temporary community” of UFO Enthusiasts. And there are several “UFO Organizations” made up of earnest and good faith amateurs who spend part of their part-time hours “researching” and “investigating” UFO “sightings”…and reported “UFO abductions. BUT there has – until now – been no single permanent “INSTITUTE” at which all of the information concerning this all-important subject could be gathered, analyzed and put to direct and immediate USE in directly contacting and conducting active CITIZEN DIPLOMACY with the Extra-Terrestrial Civilization that is the source of these UFOs…and at which permanent site all of The World’s Leading Experts on this subject can gather and study together at any time of the year …as a PROFESSIONAL “SCHOLASTIC INSTITUTE” comparable to THE RAND CORPORATION; THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTE; THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION; THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE; and THE INSTITUTE for POLICY STUDIES. This is the plan for the new “NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE” that has been founded just100 miles north of San Francisco, in Lake County, California, on the shores of CLEAR LAKE…the lake that was the subject of Rachael Carson’s famous pioneering work warning of potential Climate Disaster entitled: SILENT SPRING.   


It will be the “mission” of The New Paradigm Institute to heed the oft-repeated “warnings” provided to our human family by the occupants of The UFOs to “Stop polluting your planet with poisonous chemicals, pesticides and effluents from your manufacturing and transportation processes…and stop threatening the living systems of your life-generating planet with potential thermo-nuclear war and private nuclear power plants…before it is too late!”


The New Paradigm Institute, in response to these “warnings”, will, therefore, combine its research and investigation of The UFO Phenomenon and The E.T. Presence with the investigation and development of means by which to STOP Global Climate Change by accelerating the process of establishing direct human communication with The Occupants of The UFOs  TO HELP RAISE OUR HUMAN FAMILY’S LEVEL OF “CONSCIOUSNESS” TO A “NEW PARADIGM WORLDVIEW” that includes the eminent awareness, on the part of our human family, of the REALITY of the existence of an “other” highly-intelligent and highly-technologically-developed – but distinctly NON-‘human’ – sentient species, right here in our own Milky Way Galaxy the members of which have been trying, for decades – without inappropriately “intruding” into our human culture – to motivate us to STOP destroying the life-generating systems of our planet.  

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