Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Paul Tice Presents The secret life of Zecharia Sitchin- Ancient Gods and Human Origins


Presents a brief overview of Sitchin’s work for those not familiar with it, followed by a large body of evidence concerning who we are, where we came from, and the involvement of ancient gods in the genetic formation of the current human prototype. During three years of world travel as a videographer for Sitchin, Tice took still photos of important artifacts and archaeological sites, which have become the slide show that will accompany this talk. Also covered will be the implications of Sitchin’s work and why it is more important for us today than ever before.

Paul Tice lived in a UFO hot spot from ages 10 to 12 and had numerous sightings. When the U.S. government closed Project Blue Book and said there was nothing to investigate he knew, even as a child, that they were lying. He has since investigated UFOs and related subjects for his entire life. His education consists of electronics training, a degree in TV Production and graduate level work in Philosophy. He spent 3 years fixing TV station transmitters followed by 11 years working in Hollywood and TV station control rooms in Los Angeles, then left the field in 1996 to become a book publisher. He immediately met Zecharia Sitchin on a small group tour of the Mayan ruins. Tice was asked to become Sitchin’s personal cameraman on his remaining tours around the world and also published a book for him titled Of Heaven and Earth.

Approx 90 Min