Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Marc Dantonio Presents Entering a New Science: When the Unexplained Faces off Against What We Think We Know!


We all have experiences we cannot understand. Many times, we try to fit those experiences into a box of known science that can explain them. But what happens when the experiences are SO different that there is NO box that can contain them within known science? Further, what happens when these perplexing events happen to a person that is fully invested in science?

This question is exactly the one forced upon this presenter and events continue to this day that force a complete reevaluation of scientific understanding. From odd visitations at night culminating in surgery to remove a foreign object, to evidence that parallel Universes really DO exist, this talk will take you through the aforementioned events and several more that challenge the very science we know. But all is not lost! Through a comical yet informative lecture (yes Astronomers can also be funny!), attendees learn about how there is room for advances in our science that take us into an understanding of what is now the realm of the paranormal and offers glimpses into the very likely, very possible new science to come.

Approx 75 Min