Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Jim Nichols Presents The Art of UFOLOGY


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You may not know Jim Nichols when you see him but you certainly know his UFO artwork. It is immediately recognized world-wide by the entire field of UFOlogy.

Jim Nichols is one of the vanishing breed of “INDEPENDENT: UFO investigators. Jim has no affiliation with MUFON, Open Minds, Contact in the Desert, Gaia TV or Ancient Aliens.

Instead, Jim’s personal UFO affiliations began forty years ago by close association with two dedicated military professions, USAF Lt. Col Wendelle Stevens and US Army Cmd. Sgt., Major Robert O. Dean, both of whom were fiercely independent researchers who dedicated their lives to the study of UFOlogy.

In 1991 Jim’s UFO research expanded to alternative media as TV Co-host to producer Ted Loman on a live weekly Public Aceess talk show in Tucson, Arizona called UFOAZ Talks.

By 2010 Jim continued expanding his alternative media experience by producing his own UFO video documentaries; the first of which he premiered at Bob Brown’s 2010’s International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada; an examination of the legen of German World War II Flying Saucers entitled, The Aldebaran Myster, winner of two EBE Awards.

Since then Jim has continued as a prolific producer of UFO blogs as well as videos, which cover a vast spectrum of UFO related topics. His blogs are archived on his website

In addition, thanks to the courtesy of video producer Tim Crawford, twenty of Jim’s UFO video documentaries have been featured internationally on UFOTV-The Disclosure Channel which airs on Amazon Prime as well as YouTube.

In addition Jim’s new YouTube channel: Jim Nichols UFO Video features an additional 18 recent productions.

This year Jim premiers his latest video production “The Art of UFOLOGY”  exclusively for Laughlin UFO Mega Conference 2020.

This production showcases the culmination of his own unique 40-year legacy of artistry and insights regarding a Century of UFO Secrecy.

Approx 60 Min