Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Jerry Wills: The Sacred Valley Contact


Two Time Travelers meet on a bus headed for Machu Picchu (one an explorer and tour guide from the USA and the other a tall thin man named “Rich”; who is revealed to be from Alcyone), & Jerry’s life is forever changed.  Join Jerry on this 5 year long adventure with Rich and his team of scientists from Alcyone and you will be forever changed too!


Jerry Wills is well known worldwide as a preeminent healer and explorer. Jerry, with his wife Kathy have spent the last 21 years traveling around the world investigating strange locations, ancient places, and searching for lost cities. As executive producers of Xpeditions TV and now Fantastic Journeys: The Jerry Wills Show, they continue to bring the world to places few have traveled. It is during these outings they encounter paranormal events, UFO sightings, and locations hidden away and forgotten to time.