Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Harry Challenger Presents Journey into the Heart of British Contact


How an alien civilization might choose to make contact is seemingly an impenetrable series of  riddles,  like cracking the enigma code,  to  decipher the content relies on building a complete picture up from  the smallest of details.

Harry Challenger’s own description of his presentation only hints at its’ importance.  Imagine an ongoing, conscious, contact experience complete with photos.  Are the “Billy Meier” contacts coming to mind?  They should!  You are most likely hearing about this case for the first time right here.  Right now.  Be glad you are with us this week.  You are now a part of history. You will not sleep tonight.  And that will be for a very good reason!  You will be thinking about this case!

Approx 120 Min