Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Haktan Akdogan Presents Global “World UFO Disclosure” for the Future of Our Planet and Humanity as We Move into Mega Earth Changes


Latest UFO Sightings and Close Encounters by civilians, pilots and military personnels including many high ranked Generals of the Army in Turkey  – Many incredible UFO footage  – Abduction phenomenon in Turkey – Disclosure of UFO Reality in Turkey  – The importance of global “World UFO Disclosure” for the future of our planet and humanity as we move into mega Earth changes…

Haktan Akdogan is the founder and chairman of ‘Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center’ (founded 24 years ago  in 1995)  in Turkey.  He is also known as a pioneering Turkish UFO researcher and has been studying the subject for the past 34 years.  He has produced and hosted 52 episodes of  a weekly documentary TV Program on UFOs titled  “UFO Reality” which was shown in 3 different national TV Channels in Turkey.

Our Centre chaired by Akdogan has been involved in intensive studies on the subject and initiated many National and International Conferences and workshops.  A HISTORIC STEP FOR UFOLOGY & EXOPOLITICS!..We are proud to announce that courses on “Ufology/Exopolitics” given by our chairman Mr. Haktan Akdogan have been officially launched at “Akdeniz University in 2017 (Antalya/Turkey)” which is among the top public universities in Turkey.

In order to inform the public on UFO reality, Mr. Haktan Akdogan participated in more than 785 national and international TV programs and worldly news  as a guest speaker, published numerous articles and gave many interviews both on TVs, radios and national and international newspapers and Tv’s.  He is also the founder of  the “World UFO Disclosure Campaign”.  Haktan Akdogan is also the creator of the “World UFO Day”.  He is also the creator of  World’s First “Travelling (Mobile) UFO Museum”.  Mr. Akdogan is also the founder of the  First International  UFO  Museum  of Europe, Balkans and Middle-East, which has opened in Istanbul, Turkey on January 17 2002.

Approx 75 Min