Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Erin Montgomery : Dirty Little Secret: Confessions of an Alien Contactee


Some experiences in life can leave an impression that effects a person on such a deep level that they are forever changed.  Some people have these life-changing experiences over and over again.  And sometimes these experiences can cause problems in their lives, like difficulty sleeping, feelings of panic, seemingly irrational fears, and even believing they may be going crazy.  Erin Montgomery is such as person, and with her training in the counseling field, has been able to unravel some of the mysteries in her own life that have contributed to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Risking her career and job, friendships, and family relationships, Erin explores her past an an alien contactee, her abduction memories, and how this phenomenon has brought her to understand her place in this world and others.