Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Duane Ollinger : A Favor for a Favor


My name is Duane Ollinger.  I am an oil field/refinery contractor , entrepreneur, and adventurer.  I am also 66% owner of Blind Frog Ranch.  You may recognize me from the new hit TV show “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”.  Blind Frog is located just 20 miles north of Skinwalker Ranch.  Both properties share a long history of high strangeness activities; which are ongoing to this day.  Blind Frog also has a long history of hidden gold.  Whether it be Astec, American Indian, or even Mormon gold; it all has connections to Blind Frog.  We are looking for the gold.  True.  But, this is hardly the important story.   There is much more than gold hidden at Blind Frog.  I am going to tell you the real story about how I became the caretaker of Blind Frog.    The whole story behind the story.  It all began with this purposeful action:   “I asked for a favor.”  It was granted.  So……I owed.  Now, you all saw the movie “The Godfather”.  When you accepted a favor from that guy, “You owed.” Big time.  Now, you won’t believe who I owed my reciprocal favor to!  Come and find out!  This changed my life forever.  I can not imagine that the truth I am going to disclose to you today will not change your life too.  This story is so big.  Epic.  Bigger than you can possibly imagine.  I am going to tell you everything.  You deserve to know.  The whole world deserves to know.  I will not hold these secrets any longer.  Get ready for some life changing truth!