Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Dr. Raul Valverde ft. Alejandro Gonzalez : Alien Encounters in Latin America & the Quantum Consciousness Model


Recently, several people in Latin America have revealed their encounters with alien races. Many times, these encounters have the purpose of revealing information related to science, consciousness and cosmology with the purpose to support human evolution. The quantum consciousness paradigm recently has gained a lot of exposure by scientists as it can be used to explain the multi dimensional nature of human consciousness. The quantum consciousness model has the potential to unify science and religion as it supports the non-locality of human consciousness that can be used to explain the immortality of the soul explained by religions. This presentation aims at showing how the teachings coming from Alien encounters in Latin America support the idea of a unified quantum field and several of the concepts of the quantum consciousness paradigm. During the presentation, Alejandro Gonzalez, a Mexican Contactee by several races of aliens of Sirius will give testimony about his experiences that allowed him to experience the multidimensional aspect of the human consciousness. Alejandro has been interviewed by several important Mexican and Latin American TV shows and holds regular talks and presentations across Mexico, Spain and Latin America about Alien beings, consciousness and cosmic realities