Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Brien Foerster Presents The Enigmatic Paracas Elongated Skulls of Peru: An Ancient Human Subspecies Decoded


On the coast of Peru from 800 BC to 100 AD a culture existed that has largely been ignored by most academics. Recent morphological analysis and DNA testing has shown that the Paracas people were not Homo sapiens sapiens but more likely Homo sapiens paracas; a subspecies that emigrated from the Black Sea area of Eurasia and mixed with local Homo sapiens sapiens over the course of time. They were originally born with elongated heads but through the mixing with local Native people began the process of head binding of their children of nobility to distinguish them from the general population.


Brien Foerster’s first tour guide in the Inca city of Cusco could not explain how the huge megalithic works of the area were made and by who, thus he began to explore using his science background, as well as local and foreign geologists, engineers and oral tradition experts the mysteries that underly these astonishing stone works.  This has led to a revelation that the megalithic works of Peru, as well as those in Bolivia, Easter Island, Egypt, Lebanon, Petra and other places were in fact created many thousands of years before any known culture, and were all seemingly devastated by a global cataclysm some 12,000 years ago. This led him to recently publish the book Aftershock.  In all, he has published 36 books as of August 2019, has appeared on numerous television shows, such as Ancient Aliens 18 times, numerous radio shows and podcasts, and has explored more than 95 countries. You can find more than 1200 of his videos on Youtube.

Approx 90 Min.