Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

2021 Conference DVD Set

Experience the whole 2021 conference from home with this 35 DVD set of all sessions and speaker topics. There’s only 6 sets available at this price. FREE SHIPPING to the US & US Territories included!


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Jordan Maxwell Conspiracy: Hidden in Plain Sight
Darcy WeirSecret Space UFOs: The Crown Jewel of Secrecy
Michael TelstarrRemote Viewing, Time Travel & ETs
Mike Ricksecker Are Shadow People Extraterrestrials?
Nicole Sakach My 1st Sighting to My Last. What 25 Years in Ufology has Taught Me
Sarah AdamsMultidimensional Aliens
Barbara LambBarbara Lamb’s Personal ET Encounters
Dr. Raul Valverde ft. Alejandro Gonzalez – Alien Encounters in Latin America & the Quantum Consciousness Model
Danny SheehanThe Best New Paradigm Institute on Clear Lake in Lake County, CA
Kevin & Helene LayneDigital Storytelling for the New Millenium
Robert MaxximDisclosure Project
Dr. Melinda GreerChallenged by the Unknown
Rey HernandezA Greater Reality: The New Paradigm of Non-Local Consciousness, the Paranormal, & Contact Modalities
Katie GriboskiHigh Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch
James Trey HudsonThe Meadow Project: Explorations into the South’s Own Skinwalker Ranch
James KeenanAttempting to Unravel the Mysteries of the Uinta Basin
Duane OllingerA Favor for a Favor
High Strangeness Panel Featuring Katie Griboski, Trey Hudson, James Keenan & Duane Ollinger. Moderated by Jimmy Church
Michael Telstarr Remote Viewing Show (filmed live on Wednesday night)
Erin MontgomeryDirty Little Secret: Confessions of an Alien Contactee
Richard DotyAssignment Area 51
Ruth Ann Friend – A Life-Long Journey with Extraterrestrials
Preston DennettTransformed: My Journey from Skeptic to Researcher to Experiencer
Richard Dolan – The Struggle Against UFO Secrecy in the Coming Decade. What Can We Expect?
N.K. KrandaTrauma & Experiencers: Exploring the science, philosophy & reality of the relationship between trauma & people who experience the phenomena.
Ronny DawsonInside the Alien Agenda
Ruth Ann FriendContact with the Dead (readings of attendees filmed live)
Clifford Mahooty UFOs & Kachina Spirituality
Dr. Bruce GoldbergExplore Your Past & Future Lives Through Hypnosis
Incredible Disclosure Panel Featuring Sid Goldberg, Richard Dolan, Daniel Sheehan & Richard Doty. Moderated by Jimmy Church
JJ AinsworthThe truth of global communication between ancients & the possibility of an original source for religions deciphered through extremely ancient symbols found worldwide
Paul StonehillTurbulent Skies, Stormy Waters: Russia’s UFO & USO Chronicles
Robert Maxxim Atlantis in Lemuria
Jonny Enoch ft. Dannion BrinkleyProject Earth: Meet Your Creators
Billy CarsonProof of Alien Life in our Solar System