Opening Ceremony

Saturday, March 19th @ 8:30am

Join The Priestesses of Sedona with live music of the Starsong Galactic Lounge as they invoke a powerful ceremony calling in our Cosmic and Divine allies to bless and activate the conference and all of its attendees. Shamanic High Priestess, Deva Vidya leads Sarah Adams, Multidimensional Priestess; Nina Starsong, Ascension Priestess; Uri Lee, Ceremonial Priestess; Raquel Spring, Cosmic Priestess and Tanjila, Spirit Priestess, as they bring forth the Spirit of the Sacred Directions, Elements, Animal Guides, Ancestors and our Multidimensional and Galactic Star Families.

Raquel Spring brings forth galactic updates foretelling the planetary influences and the energies they are bringing for individuals and the collective consciousness. Starsong Galactic Lounge, a stellar musical experience, performed by John Dumas, Jade Lyons and Nina Starsong, create high vibrational frequencies of cosmic sound which activates the intention of the Great Awakening Ceremony with their creative music.