Nightly Sky Watches

Our Sky Watches are fan favorite! The Watches will be led this year by Michael O’ Sedona. For those of you who do not know Michael; please allow us to tell you a few things about him. First, and most important, is that Michael is an extraordinary contactee in his own right. He has been given a lot of high powered information from the group facilitating his contacts; and he will share some of that with you during your evening. He is also the largest, and highest rated, sky watch tour operator in Sedona AZ and he brings Gen3 Night Vision Goggles to all his watches.

There is always at least one person from our Speaker line up attending with each night’s group. (A nice bonus for all of you!)  Each Sky Watch allows for 38 attendees with a set of goggles shared between two people, so register early to save your spot! Departure each night is 6:45pm from the registration desk and the drive each way is about 20-25 minutes. The sky watch itself will last about 75 minutes. Departure time is subject to change, so confirm with registration on the day of the watch.