Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Join us at Bally’s in Las Vegas for our 4th Annual UFO Mega Conference as this one will be bigger than ever!

March 19 - 27, 2022


Full Conference March 19-27
Spanish Conference March 19-20
Human-Alient Off Planet Program Days March 23-24
High Strangeness Day March 25

Your full conference registration includes 35+ speaker sessions with over 85 hours of disclosure over 9 days, two evening meal events, the Saucerian Awards Ceremony, Live Entertainment, Word Premiere Movie Events, and Exhibitor Hall Access. Optional add-ons include up to 50 workshops (registration coming soon) and nightly sky watches.

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UFOs & Contact
Red Pill
Health & Wellbeing

Human-Alien Off Planet Programs

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First Person Early Bird Full Conference


Second Person Early Bird Full Conference

The spiritual, holistic, ancient history, and UFO communities have needed an immediate boost of newer speakers with newer talents, fresh info, and more personal experiences. This is what makes the Mega UFO Conference different. There is only so much of recurring info I can hear from the big names, and while I respect their work, I value quality over quantity.

Wilson P.

2021 Conference Attendee

Expect the unexpected.

Our not-for-profit event has one purpose: bring together like-minded individuals to uncover research and experiences beyond what we’ve seen or heard yet. Our lineup of speakers always featured brand new content and we can’t wait to tell you what we have up our sleeve for this year!

35+ Speakers

85+ hours of disclosure

9-Day MEGA Event

vendor exhibit hall

UP TO 44 Workshops

INCLUSIVE Dinner Events

Live entertainment

2-Day Spanish Event

PREMIER movie features

nightly sky watches

Speakers & Topics

James Rink

Cyborg Super Soldier

Read More

Robert Maxxim

Scalar Progression and Consciousness

Read More

Kimberly Lusanna

Mission Escapades as Super Soldier Scientist, Dr. William Birkin

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Albert S. Rosales

The Humanoids: The Others Amongst Us

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Jackie Kenner

Experimental Programs and Contact for the Common Person

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Ron Meyer & Alan Megargle

The Skin Walker Ranch Phenomenon Across America: Reimagining Alien Contact

Read More
Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone

Unveiling the Universal Gene

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Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk

How Not To Be “Human”

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There's many more!

Nightly Skywatches

Join Michael O’ Sedona in the dessert on select nights and turn Gen-3 Goggles to the sky for an incredible night watch experience. 

Live Entertainment & Dinner Events

Featuring our Saucerian Awards Ceremony and a Wednesday Meet-the-Speakers Party with included meals and adult beverages.

Opening Ceremony

Join The Priestesses of Sedona with live music of the Starsong Galactic Lounge in a powerful ceremony calling in our Cosmic and Divine allies to bless and activate the conference and all of its attendees.   


Experience the conference a whole new way with hands-on, interactive workshops. Choose from up to 50 topics over several days with a full day of workshops on Sunday 3/27. 

World Premiere Films

Your Full Conference Ticket includes first-ever public viewings of three incredible films

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The first 300 registrants get to take advantage of our incredible group rates at Bally’s

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Be a Speaker

If you have a compelling story, hard evidence, or just the burning desire to share your research; and can create a polished presentation – we would love to hear from you!

Be an Exhibitor

Engage directly with attendees and expand your community by signing up to be an exhibitor at our unique conference this year.

Important notice about the 2022 Conference

Hello everyone. Bob Brown here.  Please excuse the informality of this letter. I think this is the hardest letter I have ever had to write. Despite everyone’s best efforts, we have been forced to cancel the 2022 UFO MEGA Conference. We have known this was going to have to happen for almost a week now. Right after our final in person meeting with Bally’s. However, we had held out some hope of finding an alternative location so that we might just be facing a postponement of  the MEGA Conference to around June; and not be forced to cancel outright. However, we have found no affordable facility (without mask mandates) that can take our event at this late date.

We simply had to cancel because within the last week we have received notice from so many of you (across all the named categories of UFO MEGA Conference participants above) that without the removal of mask mandates you were going to cancel.  So it is really all of you that have spoken loudly to us.  At the exact time that we should be seeing a surge of registrations; so many of you were letting us know you would not be with us after all. We simply had no choice but to cancel. I am so sorry.  In almost 40 years of producing the world’s greatest, and most affordable live conferences, I have been forced to do the unthinkable. Cancel a Conference.  
Per attendance terms we will be offering full credit postponements or refunds for registered attendees. We will let everyone know ASAP when and where we hope to stage the next UFO MEGA Conference. This year, some of you have commented on the fact that you were not overly happy with the event growing to 10 days this year. We do understand that some of you were having a problem with attending for all 10 days. I must point out to everybody that attending this expanded year was never a choice between attending all 10 days or not attending at all. We always offer either a first half of the Conference attendance package, or a second half of the Conference attendance package.  Either the first half, or second half of the MEGA Conference standing alone was still the best conference in the world for 2022, and still the best value. So, other than Covid (and our various governments reactions to it) there was no honest  excuse to not be a part of the 2022 Conference. I only bring this up because if I have anything to say about all of it we will be back again with a 10 day MEGA Conference in 2023.  
Thank you all for your support.  We hope to meet with all of you at our live in-person 2023 UFO MEGA Conference.