Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Be an Exhibitor

At the world’s biggest and best MEGA event ever produced!

Get access to thousands of hotel guests & attendees for 9 days

Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at Bally’s Hotel & Casino

The Exhibit Hall is steps from the sessions and workshops for easy access by attendees

Incredible group hotel rates at Bally’s at $39/Weekday and $99/Weeknight, including resort and parking fees!

10’x10′ Booths with Pipe & Drape $900

6′ Tables with Two Chairs $500


This year we will be hosting our annual convention at Bally’s on the Las Vegas strip. The entire convention center is located on the main floor in a separate area of the hotel, far enough away from the casinos that we aren’t bothered much by noise or smoke. The Exhibit Room is 8,800 square feet, and is adjacent to the main lecture hall, which has a seating capacity of 1,000!!! Most breaks between speakers are scheduled to be 15 minutes, the Lunch Breaks are scheduled to be 75 minutes or more, and after dinner other than Skywatchs, no activities are scheduled. The Exhibit Room opens on Friday March 18th at 3pm when registration starts and closes after the lunch hour on the final Sunday; allowing you to break down and be home by Sunday night! Every day the Exhibit room opens at the same time as Registration that is 30 minutes prior to the first presentation in the mornings and stays open at least 30 minutes following the beginning of evening dinner breaks.

Exhibitors will be showing products for 10 days. The exhibit room will be open for set-up Friday morning March 18th from 8 am until 3 pm when doors open to the public for both registration and exhibit hall. Opening day is Saturday March 19th and doors open everyday at 8 am closing at 7:30 pm when registration closes, except on the opening Saturday, at 7:00 pm.  Exhibitor Hall will then close at 1:30pm Sunday for packing up and loading out.

Keep reading below for more critical details on how to register to be an exhibitor at our event.


Step 1.

Download the PDF below to sign up to be an exhibitor at our event. Fill out the form completely and email it to

All Exhibitor registrations must be received by Friday March 11, 2022 @1:00pm MST

Step 2.

Purchase your table or booth, electricity, and extra tickets.

EXHIBITOR CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded if notice is received by February 9, 2022, 1pm MST (less a $100 per person/table processing fee). If cancellation notice is received between February 10 and March 3rd, 2022, a refund can be made ONLY if we are able to resell your Table(s), (less a $100 per person/table processing fee).  Cancellations after March 3rd, 2022 (1PM – Mountain. Time), and “No Shows” are non-refundable. 

Important notice about the 2022 Conference

Hello everyone. Bob Brown here.  Please excuse the informality of this letter. I think this is the hardest letter I have ever had to write. Despite everyone’s best efforts, we have been forced to cancel the 2022 UFO MEGA Conference. We have known this was going to have to happen for almost a week now. Right after our final in person meeting with Bally’s. However, we had held out some hope of finding an alternative location so that we might just be facing a postponement of  the MEGA Conference to around June; and not be forced to cancel outright. However, we have found no affordable facility (without mask mandates) that can take our event at this late date.

We simply had to cancel because within the last week we have received notice from so many of you (across all the named categories of UFO MEGA Conference participants above) that without the removal of mask mandates you were going to cancel.  So it is really all of you that have spoken loudly to us.  At the exact time that we should be seeing a surge of registrations; so many of you were letting us know you would not be with us after all. We simply had no choice but to cancel. I am so sorry.  In almost 40 years of producing the world’s greatest, and most affordable live conferences, I have been forced to do the unthinkable. Cancel a Conference.  
Per attendance terms we will be offering full credit postponements or refunds for registered attendees. We will let everyone know ASAP when and where we hope to stage the next UFO MEGA Conference. This year, some of you have commented on the fact that you were not overly happy with the event growing to 10 days this year. We do understand that some of you were having a problem with attending for all 10 days. I must point out to everybody that attending this expanded year was never a choice between attending all 10 days or not attending at all. We always offer either a first half of the Conference attendance package, or a second half of the Conference attendance package.  Either the first half, or second half of the MEGA Conference standing alone was still the best conference in the world for 2022, and still the best value. So, other than Covid (and our various governments reactions to it) there was no honest  excuse to not be a part of the 2022 Conference. I only bring this up because if I have anything to say about all of it we will be back again with a 10 day MEGA Conference in 2023.  
Thank you all for your support.  We hope to meet with all of you at our live in-person 2023 UFO MEGA Conference.