Las Vegas, NV

March 19-27, 2022

Be a Speaker

Real Disclosure Productions, LLC would like to invite anyone who has an amazing contact experience, or does research in the fields of UFOlogy, Contact, Extraterrestrial Studies, Consciousness, NDE’s, Space Science, OBE’s, Life After Death, the Paranormal, Orbs, Crop Circles, etc. to present a proposal on the topic you would like to speak about at the Laughlin UFO MegaConference.


Our criteria is simple.

ONE: The topic/presentation has to be NEW – never presented before material – and of quality, thought provoking content.

TWO: The PowerPoint presentation is “polished and professional” (no screens of nothing but text!). With the last decade of video and graphics evolution, people will not sit though “corporate training” style PowerPoints of the 90’s any more.

Please fill out this form with the following proposal info to be considered as a speaker for our event. Every field is required so we can properly understand your presentation and who you are to make sure you are a fit for what we are looking for with our conference content. Be as specific as possible with your submission details.

Speaker Application