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Dr. Raul Valverde

Alien Encounters in Latin America & the Quantum Consciousness Model (ft. Contactee: Alejandro Gonzalez)

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Alejandro Gonzalez

Featured guest of Dr. Raul Valverde’s Presentation: Alien Encounters in Latin America & the Quantum Consciousness Model

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Mike Ricksecker

Are Shadow People Extraterrestrials?

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Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb’s Personal ET Encounters

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Harry Challenger

A lost secret of the Nazi flying Saucer?

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JJ Ainsworth

The truth of global communication between the ancients and the possibility of an original source for religions deciphered through extremely ancient symbols found worldwide

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N.K. Kranda

Trauma and Experiencers : Exploring the science, the philosophy and the reality of the relationship between trauma and the people who experience the phenomena. 

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Paul Stonehill

Turbulent Skies, Stormy Waters: Russia’s UFO and USO Chronicles

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Darcy Weir

Secret Space UFOs – The Crown Jewels of Secrecy

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Ronny Dawson

Inside the Alien Agenda

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Rey Hernandez

A Greater Reality: The New Paradigm of Non-Local Consciousness, the Paranormal, and the Contact Modalities

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